Saturday, January 15, 2011


   So this is my first time ever doing this and thanks to a friend that inspired me this seems the easiest way to express my true self when I don't have anyone to talk to. Well to start off I have a very complicated/busy life pretty much everyone knows that. Everything is really stressful sometimes even if I don't show it, I work two jobs and attend school. My love life is extremely complex and non existing which I don't understand why. 
  Tonight was family movie night we watched the Killers and it was pretty funny. I forgot how good of an actor Ashton Kutcher was (HOT!). But the further the movie went I saw how happy the couple was and I completely miss that, having that kind of emotion for someone is something that I haven't had in a while. Like last night my friend and I went to Wild Wings in the Vista. The band that was playing had a really cute guitar player and drummer. So I decided I would be "ballsie" I guess you can say and wrote down my number and gave it to the guitar player. I know that he won't text me or anything which sucks because he lives in Blythewood but knowing me I won't find someone for a while. Damn my self-esteem issues. It would be nice to finally have someone that can give me that happy feeling, haven't felt that in a year and I miss it. 

 Maybe just maybe, who knows?
Hopefully I will get better at this blog thing (:

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